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We all really enjoyed our trip to the telectroscope – it was very moving to see my baby niece, I nearly cried! Thanks again.



What a fantastic piece of public art. Please, please don’t remove it from More London – can it not be a permanent fixture? I want to make many more visits.



I moved from Brooklyn to London earlier this year, and was thrilled to be able to visit my Stateside friends. Thank you for giving me a bit of home.



We went down to the Thames today to have a look at the Telectroscope. It was such fun to watch New Yorkers in real–time. I think we should definitely campaign to got it made a permanent installation.

Julia, Joe, Becky, Tom and Tilly


Congratulations! A brilliant installation.


New York

THANK YOU for creating such an amazing gift and opportunity. I’m still reeling from the experience.


New York

I was in New York this weekend and got my husband to bring my five year old daughter to the Telectroscope in London so she could wave at her Mum. What a fabulous invention!

Catherine Hanley

New York

Hats off to Paul St. George for the idea and to Artichoke for execution.


New York

Thanks so much. This is great fun. We’ve visited it it twice already. I held up my dog to wave and exchanged names. Hello Bernie wherever you are!


New York

This was so fun. Seeing London at 3am. Cool and beyond description. You have to do it if you are near it!

Anonymous audience member

New York

This was a wonderful experience for my husband, Jose, and I. Don’t know how it’s done, but the idea is ingenious!


This is a wonderful and beautiful and brilliant project! Congratulations!

Sean Hennessey

A completely fascinating art work that removes the walls between us as we reach through space and time, to briefly become players in another world.


It allows us all to indulge in our magical childhood dreams where the impossible suddenly becomes possible and the only limitations are our own imaginations.


This was just fantastic – especially the (silent) rousing chorus of Happy Birthday. Just brilliant - made my day.


Astounding: I am speechless, Why is it going to be on display until June 15th only? It should remain forever.


This is a very amazing way of connecting people around the world. I ad the opportunity to wish my mate a happy birthday down the tube. Priceless.


This is one of the most original pieces of art that I have seen in quite some time. Well pulled off and thought provoking. As someone who is not a regular purveyor of the visual arts, the manner in which this was done is inspiring.

Anonymous audience member

We have lived in Brooklyn Heights, New York for 10 yrs and all our family live in London – we have often dreamed of a tunnel that would link us all together (one of our favourite bedtime stories when the children were younger). Make all those bedtime dreams come true!

Sarah, Paul, Grace & Phoebe

New York

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Amazing discoveries…


This compass was used by Alexander Stanhope St George, inventor of the Telectroscope, when carrying out the original excavations for the transatlantic tunnel in the late 19th century.