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Hardly anyone knows that a secret tunnel runs deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean. In May 2008, more than a century after it was begun, the tunnel was finally completed. An extraordinary optical device called a Telectroscope was installed at both ends which miraculously allowed people to see right through the Earth from London to New York and vice versa. On 15th June, having helped more than 50,000 people establish or rekindle transatlantic friendships, the Telectroscopes vanished, as mysteriously as they had first appeared.

A panaoramic view of the Telectroscope, The Mayor’s office and London Bridge in silhouette. A couple are glancing at the device as the walk past.

A very special visitor spent her birthday at the Telectroscope in London on 14th June…

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A completely fascinating art work that removes the walls between us as we reach through space and time, to briefly become players in another world.


We went down to the Thames today to have a look at the Telectroscope. It was such fun to watch New Yorkers in real–time. I think we should definitely campaign to got it made a permanent installation.

Julia, Joe, Becky, Tom and Tilly


Amazing discoveries…


This compass was used by Alexander Stanhope St George, inventor of the Telectroscope, when carrying out the original excavations for the transatlantic tunnel in the late 19th century.

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