Artist’s Minumental

The artist has created two limited-edition Minumental Telectroscopes especially for this event.

Each is individually cast in brass and contains a Stanhope Peep. Stanhopes – tiny magnifying lenses - were hugely popular in Victorian times and were often mounted in jewellery or other objects to commemorate achievements or mark anniversaries. The Stanhope inside Paul St George’s Minumental enables the viewer to peep through a small hole and see either Tower Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge, just as in the original Monumental artwork.

Each beautifully packaged Minumental Telectroscope comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and costs £175 + £7 shipping to anywhere in the world.

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Souvenir Box of Delights

The Souvenir Box of Delights showing the intricate illustration

As a keepsake, Artichoke has produced a souvenir “box of delights”. Each box contains a set of postcards, a pencil and a commemorative edition of the amazing story of Alexander Stanhope St George, the original inventor of the Telectroscope and the transatlantic tunnel. The story and postcards are beautifully illustrated by Felix Bennett.

The souvenir box is available for £8.50 + £2.25 shipping.

The Telectroscope Minumental poised on a fingertip

The Telectroscope Minumental

Amazing discoveries…


This compass was used by Alexander Stanhope St George, inventor of the Telectroscope, when carrying out the original excavations for the transatlantic tunnel in the late 19th century.